starley-murrayCelebrity Image Expert & Media Strategist

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Starley Murray proudly provides PUBLICITY PLATFORM coaching, networking and publicity placement live on site on Television and at high profile events such as Television Media Emmy Awards, multiple Oscar events in LA as well as the International Emmy awards in NY Red Carpets where she proudly promotes authors in her community.

Starley is the girl who went from cleaning carpets to working the red carpets and brings celebrity brand to the real world. Her on Camera Image Techniques and Personal Brand Strategies systems are created found from her real life experiences and everyday contacts with media appearances, products for camera image as well as mentoring and information product programs.

Growing up poor in a rich neighborhood, Starley shows you how to make a million dollar image from a mini budget. You can find Starley on Live Televisions Appearances, Red Carpet Events, and Online Video Sessions. Podcast shoots and Media Press Conferences are held in the offices in New York, Hollywood and San Antonio.

Starley Murray has been seen on television and in the news most every month for over 17 years, and is in demand for her successful image branding & media training program. Starley loves working with authors and industry experts and was raised to help others by a single mom who launched business after business to provide for her children.

Why choose Starley? Top literary agents and publishers emphasize how crucial it is for authors to have a strong media presence, a brand that stands out and a celebrity appeal.

Starley is works with national television, magazines and internationally recognized celebrities such as CNN, Today Show, Good Morning America, CBS, ABC, NBC, FOX affiliates, People, Good Housekeeping, Oprah’s O Magazine, Zig Ziglar, Colin Powell, George Strait, John Walsh, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Nigel Lythgoe, Oscar winner Jon Voight and thousands more.

Starley Murray is the secret weapon for bestselling authors, celebrity authors and new authors with her triple threat program.
#1 MEDIA STRATEGIST: Learn media secrets all successful authors know about how to get a lifetime of profitable marketing.
#2 CELEBRITY IMAGE EXPERT: Discover how to make first impressions and build celebrity brand that can earn you $5,000 in five minutes!
#3 PERSONAL BRAND EXPERT: Learn how to avoid blending in with competitors and discover ways you can create a brand that attracts paid sponsors.

STARLEY IS A RARE COMBINATION OF 3 EXPERTS providing customized one-on-one coaching with flexible payments. Stop by her booth to sign up for a Consultation & Prize Contest!

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