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The Magnetic Speaker Live Event.

 October 13-15, 2016, Los Angeles Hyatt LAX

"How would you like to get highly paid for sharing your message with the world as a speaker? How would you like to be invited to speak on some of the most sought after stages in the world while making a great living? How would you like a simple easy-to-follow system that you can apply to any niche and start getting booked to speak quickly?"

Dear Speaker,

If you want to land speaking engagements quickly, make a great living and impact tons of people…you have to master the art of one simple thing: getting in front of and influencing event planners and coordinators…PERIOD!

So many speakers are chasing the new shiny object that is on the market and completely losing sight of the number one goal as a speaker.

What if in one weekend you could learn how to find, get in front of, and influence event planners and coordinators so that you are their first choice over and over again?

This is exactly what will go down on October 13-15 at the Concourse LAX in sunny Los Angeles at the Magnetic Speaker Live Event!

Mike Fritz

Founder of the Magnetic Speaker Event
My name is Mike Fritz. Coordinators in the youth market, college and university market and faith based markets have booked me year after year to speak to their organizations. Some have booked me 10+ times, and quite honestly the only reason that happens is because I have discovered how and why coordinators and event planners choose speakers!

My story starts out in my first year of speaking. I did only 6 talks and never for more that $200 per talk…yeah I was making a killing. I remember doing some of my first, most “prestigious” gigs in moldy basements of churches and loud, smelly gymnasiums for $50 an engagement. So when I say I am “just like you” I - most likely - started out worse off and with less money than most of you.

Why was I willing to go through this? Because I didn’t know there was a better and easier way to become a highly paid speaker.

People say “What you don’t know can’t hurt you.” That couldn’t be further from the truth.

The truth is what I didn’t know was killing my dream and my chance to generate a significant amount of revenue.

What you “don’t know” is the reason you aren’t where you want to be in your speaking career.

If you want to land high paying speaking engagements, generate multiple streams of income and leave a massive trail of changed lives…then keep reading…because that is exactly what I discovered how to do. Now I do it regularly and LOVE it!

The speaking industry, really, only has 3 main components. Even though it is so simple…most speakers, authors, trainers and coaches have wasted their time and money doing things that don’t really help get to the end goal…money…and impact. Maybe you can relate.

After I figured this out…in just 18 months I was able to:

  • Start bookings 100+ gigs a year with fees into the thousands and thousands of dollars
  • Get featured with ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX and over 200 Business Journals
  • I was named a National College Speaker of the Year Finalist
  • I was named one of 2015’s Hottest Speakers of the Year by Campus Activities Magazine
  • And I was able to share the stage with some of the greatest speakers in the country.

All of this because I discovered a simple and easy-to-implement formula.

So that’s my story…what’s yours? Who’s life could you change? What message are you just dying to get to the market? How many lives do you want to impact? How much revenue would you like to generate?

I want to help you do just that…but to do so you must understand how event planners and coordinators make their decisions to put people on stage… Because in the end, that is all that matters.

So what is the Magnetic Speaker Live Event? It’s Really 4 Things in 1:

1. Getting on stage

You'll discover how to land on thousands of stages in any market. You'll learn exactly what it takes to land speaking gigs quickly, easily, and most importantly: with consistency. This portion will include the 23 Day Marketing System, completely aimed at getting you booked and paid to speak. Sadly, most of the things you’ve heard at other “speaker” events or read in books just don't work anymore. The "get-on-stage strategy" is the exact strategy we use every day to land highly paid speaking engagements.

2. Being Great On Stage

This section will explore the ONLY thing you need to think about while presenting. Most speakers focus on things that never truly set them apart on stage. Not only will you learn how to set yourself apart, the VIP’s at this event get to actually get on stage and do a portion of their talk, while you get to watch and listen as I personally critique it.

3. Monetizing the Stage

Every stage has an LSV, or "Lifetime Stage Value". What is a stage worth to you over time? Most speakers only think of one source of revenue when speaking - the speaking fee itself. There are many other ways you'll learn to monetize every stage you speak on, giving you the ability to grow your speaking business quickly and easily.

4. Leveraging the Stage

There is no greater path to earning significant amounts of revenue and creating ultimate leverage in your speaking business than "creating your own stage". This gives you great networking power in the industry and makes it exponentially easier for you to create powerful business relationships, get on other stages, and help others maximize their message.

Yeah, but does this system actually work? Or is this just more hype?... Let's let others answer:

“If you want to make more money and impact more people with your speaking, you have to listen to Mike Fritz. He is an amazing teacher and a very successful speaker.”

~ Craig Duswalt, Former Assistant to Axl Rose of Guns-N-Roses and Speaker, Author, Radio Host and Creator of RockStar Marketing

“I speak all over the world and I had the privilege of sharing the stage with Mike and he moved the crowd like I have never seen before. Mike is your guy. He is awesome.”

~ Thomas Blackwell, International Speaker for Infusionsoft

“I had the privilege of getting some coaching from Mike, and with just a few tweaks it has made a MAJOR difference in my speaking business. If you get the opportunity to work with Mike, take it while you still can.”

~ Steve Johnson, Founder of Your #1 Employee is Your Website, Best-selling author and speaker

“I have worked for Disney’s leadership for the last 10 years and am now entering the speaking business. I've been attending events for a few years now, trying to learn the speaking business. I sat down with Mike for about 20 minutes over dinner and learned more about growing my speaking business than I have from any other thing I have attended.”

~ Mark Morrell, Speaker and Author of Making Leadership Magical

“I own and operate a 40 million dollar real estate company and have hired tons of consultants over the years. It is really rare that I find somebody like Mike that blows my mind. Every time I sit down with Mike he gives my amazing, implementable ideas that make me money. If you need somebody that will give you ideas to take your speaking business to the next level…you HAVE to hire Mike.”

~ Kevin Clayson, Founder of Strongbrook Real Estate

The issue isn’t “Does the system work?”
It's a proven formula.

You are personally invited!

This fall you are invited to join us at the Magnetic Speaker Live Event, October 13-15, 2016 in sunny Los Angeles at the Hyatt LAX, for a weekend that will not only change your speaking business…but will revolutionize your life.

In this 3 Day intensive training you will discover…

  • How to create a powerful and sellable message
  • The 5 best ways to market yourself to land speaking engagements
  • The secrets of developing and creating powerful marketing
  • How to brand your message so you are the go-to expert in your industry
  • What are your best promotional investments when seeking to land more speaking engagements
  • Where to get lists of of event planners and coordinators that you can market to
  • The 7 reasons event planners choose certain speakers…and how to use this information to be the top choice in your industry
  • How to get rebooked 75% of the time (my current rebooking rate is 92%….like for real)
  • How to develop a website optimized for booking engagements
  • How to construct and deliver presentations that win your audience over every time
  • How to eliminate stage fright and rock the stage every time
  • How to sell thousands of dollars from stage
  • How to quickly create products that you can sell from stage and online
  • How to create your own speaking opportunities and not have to travel
  • The biggest speaking niche in the entire speaking business that nearly ANY topic will fit into
  • The only 3 sources of revenue in ANY business (and how you can capitalize on them)

And much more...

Adam Giandomenico

Business Execution Expert

Bonus Session: How to make $100,000+ in one weekend

When you attend this event you are going to get to watch an interview with someone who has 14 years experience in running live events and is going to share the secrets of how he's made $500,000+ in one event.

You're going to hear what it takes to fill a room with people, add massive value, and generate a significant amount of revenue without having to travel at all.

Our Personal Promise

If you invest in this information and find that it is unsatisfactory…all you have to do is request your money back and we will do it gladly and immediately. If we don’t deliver, the truth is, we don’t want to keep your money. We have never had anyone take us up on this because our program really does work. But if you invest in it and don’t think it's up to par, we will put your money back in your pocket. Now there is NO risk!


The Concourse Hotel at Los Angeles International Airport

6225 West Century Boulevard
Los Angeles, California, USA, 90045
Tel: +1 424 702 1234

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Magnetic Speaker Event

October 13-15, 2016, Concourse LAX

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