Why Algorithms for Success?

Algorithms for Success, Inc. is an event production, executive management and training company that teaches the complete set of self-tested tools necessary for success in any endeavor.

Algorithms for Success Events include: Magnetic Speaker Event, Author101 University, Deep Dive Event, Events for Success, Your Million Dollar Close and more, coming soon.

The company’s expertise includes:
Public Speaking
Social Media Marketing
Event Management
Lead Generation
Video Production
Radio Publicity
Media Training
Celebrity Status
Public Relations
Financial Management
Business Growth


Adam Giandomenico
Adam Giandomenico is a global business leader, business execution consultant and serial entrepreneur who has built 11 high performance companies with a total of 25 operations in 10 different countries. With proven expertise in global sales and marketing, product development, manufacturing, supply chain management and precision managed business operations, Adam motivates entrepreneurs and business leaders to achieve their goals by leveraging their strengths and identifying ways to rapidly scale their businesses.

Currently leading eight rapidly growing companies in the U.S., Japan, and China, Adam devotes a portion of his time as an Angel Investor who provides capital, human resources, and business execution expertise to companies that fit within the algorithm for success.
Mike Fritz
Mike Fritz is a world-leading speaker trainer who's had the privilege of sharing the stage with hundreds of speaking greats. Mike went from six talks to more than one hundred talks a year in just 24 months, generating hundreds of thousands of dollars in personal income. Mike has had more than 1,500 paid engagements and has been featured on NBC, ABC, CBS, FOX and over 200 business journals.

Mike is the founder of the Magnetic Speaker Blueprint, a systematic results-driven formula for booking speaking engagements, getting a message to the world, and generating high income.